Facebook Legacy Function is the most important thing you can do today.

Facebook released its legacy app this week to become the second major social media provider (after Google) to allow users to select who can manage their account once they die. Please ignore your natural aversion to this topic and utilize these functions because they are very important to how people can remember you once you pass.

Imagine this scenario (and its happened more than once): One man's partner unexpectedly dies and his friends post supportive messages and photos on the deceased's wall. The man never told his parents about the relationship because he was scared to come out to them. The parents immediately request Facebook to delete the account permanently. Facebook (before this legacy function) had a legal obligation to comply with the request. Now all the photos and posts that the man relied on to remember his partner by are gone. 

For better or for worse, we unconsciously construct our legacy on our social media platforms. Not only is it a place where we spend a lot of time and interact with others, but it is also a place where we preserve memories, moments, celebrations, and events. For the surviving loved ones, that can be more important than any devise or gift. There is nothing more precious than the memories Facebook can provide and nourish post-death, and in times of grief there's no deprivation more devastating than the inability to cherish those moments.

The Wall Street Journal covered the release in excellent detail.